Sunday, 19 June 2022

28mm Napoleonic British 95th Rifle Regiment

Hi there, I finished these miniatures last week so I popped them on eBay today hoping for some extra cash.

The 95th Rifles Infantry Regiment has an impressive record throughout the Napoleonic War from the Peninsular campaign to Waterloo.
Under the command of their colonels Major Norcott and Major Ross respectively, the 2nd and 3rd battalions were part of Adam's 3rd Brigade, together with the 52nd Oxfordshire Light Infantry and 71st Highland Light Infantry during the Hundred Days (Waterloo) Campaign. The 1st battalion 95th Rifles commanded by Major Barnard, was part of Kempt's 8th Brigade of Picton's 5th Division also at Waterloo.

This regiment kept their old stove pipe shakos (hats) from the peninsular wars rather like the 28th Gloucester regiment. Their facing colours (cuff and collars) were a black piped white, buttons were silver. Shako badges were probably silver (bugles) for light infantry. The Green plume denoting light infantry status. The officers and senior NCOs wore a crimson sash. Their muskets had a rifled barrel to make the weapon more accurate than its contemporary smoothbore muskets used by the line battalions.

Manufactured by Perry miniatures, these figures are painted in enamels, oils and acrylics and based on black plasticard with grass tufts and dirt textures.

Trained to operate in loose skirmish order as well as close order, just as regular line infantry, forming squares against enemy cavalry charges as necessary, the regiment had elements of three battalions numbering at the battle Waterloo.

I'm taking time out from my World War Two stuff, to finish a Landsknect project for the Italian Wars I'm hoping to do, mostly Wargames Foundry figures with a few Warlord Games pikemen, I'll see how it goes.

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