Friday 9 December 2022

Snitgob the Mountain Troll

Hi everyone, I've managed to complete this Mountain Troll, part of my Goblin Army for the 'Dragon Rampant' fantasy rules.

Acquired from Ral Partha miniatures U.K. this metal kit comes in three parts plus a round base (not used here), I've painted it in enamels and oils with a matt varnish, the tree stump on the ground is an extra bit I added to the scene to create a mini vignette.

 I suppose Snitgob isn't the brains of the outfit but what he doesn't have 'up top' he makes up with brawn.

This mini stands about 55mm tall so he towers over his goblin chums.

Each army element has a frontage of 60mm and depth of 30mm, textured earth with grass tufts nettle bushes and ferns.

So now the 'Dragon Rampant' Goblin Army consists of:

1x Unit of Goblin Overlord and bodyguards in chariot, Type: Heavy Riders = 6points

4x Units of Goblin Warriors, Type: Light Foot, 3points per base, mixed weapons +3points = 6points per base

1x Unit of a single Troll, Type: Heavy Foot = 6points

Goblin Army strength = 36 points

I've been scouting out some Dwarves as well, not sure when I'll be ordering them yet as I have to acquire some more hobbits.

Anyhow All the Best,


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  1. I must say he has come up a treat Peter.

    I always forget about Ral Partha until I physically visit shops


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