Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The First English Civil War in 28mm miniatures.

And so a year later I've managed to kick start my English Civil War project again, with a Royalist King's Regiment of Foote on the workbench at the moment, their pike block are complete, supplied unpainted by 'Bicorne miniatures' in my humble opinion are the very best miniatures available at this time.

Trent miniatures 'Prince Rupert' paints up a treat.

prince Maurice is provided by Bicorne miniatures.

Prince Rupert of the Rhine reviews his uncle's (King Charles I) troops, a nephew of King Charles and is joined by prince Maurice his younger brother.

Some doughty Parliamentarians come a little too close and are requested by Rupert to surrender their standards, the Royalist request is politely declined.

And so a Royalist frame gun, a 'Robinet' is brought up to provide a little persuasion.

Anyhow hoping to get stuck into painting the remainder while I'm waiting for Die Waffen Kammer JTFM to cast me the remainder of my World War Two stuff.

And I have an English Civil War campaign planned as well.

All the Best,