Saturday, 8 November 2014

28mm Napoleonic French Old Guard Grenadiers

Onwards with my Napoleonic project, the idea was to limit myself to buying and painting one unit per month, either a regiment of cavalry or battalion of infantry or battery of guns, so that I'd keep my interest in the period. The plan being to finish painting and basing a unit, then order another unit from Perry miniatures which usually arrive within 3-4 days. This keeps everything fresh...there's nothing worse than having a draw full of unpainted lead, a veritable lead mountain to dishearten even the boldest painter, so none of that here.

The French Infantry - The 1st Battalion 1st Regiment Grenadiers a Pied of Napoleon's Imperial Guard.
Just restocking my Napoleonics I've continued with Napoleons Old Guard:

Each battalion of infantry will be made up of 16 infantry. Flags from GMB

Initially these miniatures were to represent the 1815 campaign but a rethink was in order;
The French will represent 1812-1815 period that gives me a greater scope for battles such as Lutzen, Leipzig etc. Although the French changed their flags in the 1815 campaign I decided to go for the 1812-14 flags.

Backpacks made out of animal fur.

The greatcoats make a smart impression.

I really dig painting these figures, must get another battalion some time.

GMB flags as they come.
Notes on using GMB flags:
Carefully cut out around the flag using a scalpel trying to avoid making too neat an outline, glue with PVA and fold around a prepainted flag pole. Whilst the glue was still wet it was folded and wrinkled to give the appearance of fluttering in a breeze. Once the glue was dry,  the fringe was carefully cut here and there to improve the effect and painted in the original colours to cover any of the white paper showing through, then gold added to the studs on the flag pole and liberally on the fringe. I've never used GMB flags before but they can come up a real treat with a bit of care.
Flag on right cut out and folded once.
The inside coated with PVA glue allows it to be folded. 
The flag as issued to the 1st Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard.

1st Grenadiers a pied ready for battle!
notes on paint.
Indigo blue oil paint (Rowney Artisits quality)- to represent the indigo blue regulation uniforms. The oil paint was mixed with enamel white to provide highlights and aid drying time.
Gold enamel from Revell No.94 painted onto the flag giving it a bit more impact, this is the best gold paint I have found so far.

notes on basing:
Polyfilla, rocks and stones brushed in many shades of burnt umber oils mixed with Humbrol No.62 leather, highlights on the stones etc. Humbrol No.62 leather mixed with No.154 yellow and No.34 white.
Static grass self-adhesive tufts manufactured by me under the eBay pseudonym Lord_Jaggard

Next a battalion of British infantry, the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards.

Cheers, Peter.


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