Sunday, 24 May 2015

WW2 28mm 1/56th British Infantry Platoon Supports.

British Armoured Infantry Platoon - Supports

Vickers Machine Gun Team:
The last elements of my World War Two British Armoured Infantry Platoon are currently in the process of being acquired, namely a Machine Gun Team equipped with a 0.303 calibre Vickers machine gun mounted on a tripod and transported in a universal carrier, which could also be used as a mobile gun platform.

These guys represent an element of the 2nd Independent Machine Gun company of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers circa 1944-45.

Element from an independent Machine gun Company.
The kneeling figure ifs holding a field compass.
Bolt Action 28mm figures
The Northumberland Fusiliers Independent machine gun company uses universal carriers, I acquired one from Warlordgames, mostly a resin kit with metal parts and 4 crew including the driver.

 Also I acquired a universal carrier for the mortar element.

 The insignia white '64' on black denotes a mortar unit, white '54' on red denotes the armoured infantry regiment the mortar element belongs to, the black bull on yellow denotes 11th Armoured division and the '4' on a yellow disc denoted the tonnage of the vehicle for bridging reasons. I have seen universal carriers with 3 or 5 bridging discs on them.

 The mortar carrier has a whole bunch of shell cases stashed inside the vehicle, whilst the mortar itself is carried strapped to the back.
 Squaddies backpacks are carried in the MMG vickers universal carrier
 The fuel cans I painted red because I used to own a vintage one of this particular type, the red was to stop it from being used to transport water.

I find it best to fully paint the vehicles before adding the crew, but with these the drivers torso is part of the resin kit, so it's better to paint the head separately.

The three squads of my 8th Battalion Rifle Regiment are being fitted out with armoured infantry carriers.
The M5 half-track was the main British armoured infantry carrier, unlike the American M3 the British didn't mount it with heavy calibre machine guns, I think the reasons were firstly they are vulnerable to direct fire, also there weren't a lot of 0.5cal machine guns available. Three of these models were acquired from Warlordgames for my Armoured infantry, these models are currently a work in process at the moment.

A supply element for my mini campaign, consisting of a Morris 15cwt truck.

The truck is manufactured by 'Company B', the decals from 'Warlord Games Bolt Action' range. A coat of testors dullcote varnish will take off the sheen.

And a Daimler Dingo scout car as a reconnaissance or liaison vehicle for the company command element. Agian this is a WIP I have painted the crew I just need to find the time to add them to the car.

Anyhow that's enough for this week, got some German stuff to paint up next.
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Sunday, 10 May 2015

WW2 in 28mm (1/56th scale) German Armoured Platoon 1944-1945

German Armoured Platoon  - (Waffen SS Panzer Grenadier Platoon.)

The remaining squads of the Panzer grenadier Platoon have now been painted and based ready for a bash with elements of the British 11th Armoured Division using my old school World War Two gaming rules planned in my previous posts, 'Tactical Commander' published by TableTop Games and 'World war II infantry Action' by Newbury Rules. Although my platoons will be organised as per my copy of 'Rules of Engagement' (RoE) my definitive ruleset I will be using most of the time. I am looking forward to testing out these older rulesets using a benchmark scenario (to be devised in a future post) against the newer rule systems available now.

Platoon Head Quarters includes a medic and radio pack
 Company Support Heavy Machine Gun MG42 providing sustained fire support
Belt fed MG42

Anti Tank Capability provided by a panzerschreck equipped soldier as there are no dedicated anti tank teams in the platoon.

Also a number of panzerfausts are distributed amongst the squads

Panzerfaust in the typical antitank role, they can be used against buildings to temporarily neutralise defending troops.

A bit theatrical but it serves to illustrate the danger armour has in getting too close to infantry.
MG42 gunner in the process of changing an overheated barrel.
In addition to the HMG a total of four belt fed MG42 Light Machine Guns are available, two to each squad, giving adequate firepower.

I will have to ditch the halftrack transports if I want a Panther tank as a Divisional support and keep within the Rule of engagement Combat effectiveness of CE24, The British Armoured platoon they're going to fight has a Comet so I think it would be wise for the German platoon to call up a Panther.

The Platoon will consist of:
1 Infantry Platoon HQ 8 man squad
2 Infantry squads including 2x LMG and 10 men per squad (with 1 Panzerschreck and 6 panzerfausts and added as additional equipment)

Support Options:
1 Company support 3 man squad providing sustained fire with a MG42 Heavy Machine Gun on a tripod,
1 Company support 4 man squad with 8cm mortar
1 Divisional support 1x tank, a Panther ausfG for a 1945 game).

using Rules of Engagement rules this gives me a Combat Effectiveness (CE) of 24 equal to that of the British armoured platoon they are going to fight.

Any how must finish off the Panther I have acquired, no airbrush as yet.
Until then Cheerio for now.