Wednesday, 3 August 2016

28mm Napoleonic 6th Bavarian, 1st Nassau-Usingen & French 7th Hussars

It has been a very busy few weeks, but I've managed to finish a second Bavarian infantry battalion and a Nassau battalion for an upcoming Napoleonic campaign, so here are a few pics
28mm Bavarian Infantry
6th Regiment of Line, circa 1812-15.

28mm 1st Nassau-Usingen Infantry Regiment.
 The 1st Regiment Nassau can be used for late Napoleonic campaigns as part of the French contingent or Allied contingent in the Hundred Days/Waterloo 1815 campaign.

Showing off their green uniforms with yellow piping the Nassau-Usingen regiments have to be the best dressed German regiments in the Napoleonic wars especially when compared with their dour Prussian cousins. It adds a nice colourful touch to any army.

French 7th Hussars
To fund my projects I managed to sell these French Hussars on eBay to some very kind customers :)

The 7th Hussars were the only French Hussar regiment actually present at the battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815. The miniatures are Perry plastic with a 'GMB designs' flag. I cut the fringed edge of the flag painting it in a variety of colours and highlighted with gold to give a nice 3D effect.

Any how just waiting for 'GMB designs' to send me some flags to complete a third Bavarian infantry regiment, next blog I hope to finish a French staff command vignette I've been constructing over the last few days...
All the Best