Friday, 17 March 2017

28mm Napoleonic Imperal Guard Grenadier à Cheval

28mm French Imperial Guard Grenadiers à Cheval.

I thought I'd boost my French forces by completing a regiment of Grenadiers à Cheval de la Garde Impériale, giving my tiny Imperial Guard some shock troops to play with in my future Napoleonic campaigns. 
This particular regiment rode black horses and numbered upwards of 1166 troopers at best (796 troopers at the battle of Waterloo), I decided to limit myself to just two squadrons of 6 figures each representing 480 men at a ratio of 1 figure = 40 troopers, so I may double their complement some time in the future.

These figures are supplied by 'Perry Miniatures' and paint up a treat, The flag is a GMB flag with the gold fringe frayed with scissors and painted gold. Based on plasticard, each figure has a frontage of 25mm and a depth of 50mm, the terrain effects are filler, graded rocks and tea leaves dyed various shades of green. I have a basing tutorial on this blog, just look down the list of labels in the right hand column.

Any how I've managed to acquire the  remainder of my Dutch Belgian forces so I should be completing those over the following weeks.
All the Best