Wednesday, 20 March 2013

28mm Ancient Macedonian Army

I took advantage of Wargames Foundry's 50% off offer for regiments on ebay a few days ago and bought a bunch of Macedonians. Properly nice figures sculpted by Steve Saleh and Nick Collier with Mark Copplestone, they paint up a treat, pics below are armoured phalanx prior to adding the shields and basing effects.

 These guys will form the rear ranks of my phalanx.The front rank will have their sarissa (pikes) lowered together with commanders and a standard. These will have to be painted in the next few days.

Next stage is to add Polyfilla to create a groundlevel, then PVA glue thinned out with water is brushed over the polyfilla sparingly leaving bare areas, stones and rocks are added first, then sawdust for the ground texture. This will take a day to dry. 

Here I've painted on the earth effects, dry brushing from dark to lighter tones. Each dry brushing stage is left to fully dry before lighter tones are added. 
The Phalanx consisting of 36 Phalangites is near completion, just grass tufts, bushes etc. to add.
Here is the main man himself, Alexander the Great 'Conqueror of all Greece except Sparta'. I have 3x different versions of this man so at least one figure will form a vignette, just trying to find a bit of achaemenid Persian architecture to complete the composition. If it's any good a copy will appear on ebay. I'll also paint a Macedonian General representing Perdikkas II for my Peloponnesian War campaign, I have appropriate minis already, I just need some time to paint him.
Some companion cavalry with xyston (lances). I have to admit I use 6th edition Wargames Research Group rules and my army lists follow that format, when complete I'll publish the entire army list with pics so War & Conquest players can see what they're missing :)
Alexander the Great and his Companion Cavalry. I've only painted 8 out of 15 companions at the moment, hope to start the rest soon.


  1. You have a wonderful site , love the Foundry Macedonians and a Romans .

    Who am I kidding it's all great . Good luck


    1. Hi Joe,
      Cheers :) It was fun painting all the stuff,
      All the Best,


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