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Solo Wargames Campaigns Guide 2016 - The Peloponnesian War 431-404BC

Solo Wargames Campaign BLOG 2016.

Okay this will be the starting point for a small number of solo wargames campaigns played over the year, I've been meaning to do this for some time but due to work etc. have had to postpone this until now due to house moves etc.

So I'm still collecting figures which will comprise the core units/formations for the initial stages or opening moves for each of these campaigns, I will currently pick from the following historical periods:

The Peloponnesian Wars 431-404 BC
The Hundred Years War 1337-1453 AD                                  
The English Civil War 1642-1651 AD          
The French Dutch War of 1672-1678 AD                              
World War Two; Western Europe 1944-1945 AD                        

I may add a couple more depending on whether I have painted miniatures, terrain and scenery available.

Solo Campaign #1 The Peloponnesian War 431-404 BC.
So It looks like I'll be starting with the Peloponnesian War, The map is provided by 'Clash of Arms' Games 'Epic of the Peloponnesian War' mounted behind A1 sized 600 micron acetate sheets with counters representing army formations of the various factions involved in the war.
[see pic]
A sample of the Athenian move spring 431 BC.
The game as a 'board game' I think is a little too complicated and involved BUT as a wargames campaign is ideal and it has a GREAT map covering most of the Aegean including Macedon, Thrace and the Persian satraps.
[see pic]
map currently centred on Athens, Thebes and Argos.
The miniatures will be mostly 28mm Wargames Foundry figures painted by me over the last few years or so, the Campaign rules will be from the board game with a few slight alterations, the battle mechanism supplied with the game can simulate the ebb and flow of battle when I don't wish to plant minis on the board, otherwise I'll us 6th edition Wargames Research Group Ancient rules to simulate the tabletop battles because I still like old fashioned style gaming, and I want to know why my troops are routing other than just bad dice roles, or DBA rules if I'm pushed for time.
[see pic]
Ye olde school of Wargaming 'Ancients'.
Wargames Research Group 6th edition
I think it's still possible to get a copy of WRG 6th edition Ancient rules from:
De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) fast play rules

So with the Peloponnesian war I have already run through a dummy campaign lasting several gaming days just to test the campaign mechanics, reaching a satisfactory conclusion, I can pick from the following scenarios:

The Argive league - introductory level, played to a maximum of 4 campaign years [can be finished in a week or so of real time play]
The Campaign Game - plays the entire Peloponnesian War, [not for the faint-hearted]
The Archidamian War - The beginning of the War medium campaign, played to a maximum of 10 campaign years [probably a month or so of real time play]
The Ionian War - the later stages of the War, played to a maximum of 8 campaign years [probably a month of real time play]

The main warring factions are:
The Athenian Empire represented by Blue counters on the campaign map
and the Peloponnesian (Lacedaemonian) League represented by Red counters

(with possible additional intervention of the Achaemenid Persian Empire represented by Purple counters.)

Depending on the scenario various factions will start active, whilst others will activate during the campaign such as the city faction of Syracuse in Sicily or the Persian satrap of Pharnabazus or Tissaphernes etc.

After listening to Librivox recordings of 'The History of the Peloponnesian War' by the Greek General Thucydides who by the way actually fought in the war and also having read the book some time ago I had a reasonable understanding of what happened during the war and why.

I had the option of just re-running the war as it was or playing it through using the rules, a reenactment would mean just replicating someones else's mistakes, making my own tactical and strategic mistakes would be far more entertaining.

So I opted for The Campaign Game - playing the entire Peloponnesian war.
The Boeotian army mobilizes against the independent town of Plataea.
I expect to drop in and out of this campaign as time and materials permit, for example I haven't acquired a city or town wall defenses or siege equipment as yet, also I have almost finished painting most the miniatures required for the initial stages of the game, though I will have to start on the mercenary contingents soon  i.e. the Thracians etc.

Regarding the Naval actions, I don't think I'll wargame countless hordes of 1/1200th triremes but just represent each fleet/squadron with a 1/300th model.

Any how I have just to acquire a few more things, then the initial moves will start this month hopefully.

Until then,

All the Best for 2016.


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