Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Armies and Enemies of Louis the XIV and the The French-Dutch War of 1672-1678

Here you will find a few bits 'n' bobs of my stuff from my new collection plus items I have painted for customer's commissions and stuff for sale on Ebay under the seller ID of peterw3169. I hope to fill this space over the next few weeks, this is day one, so I hope you enjoy it.

28mm painted battalion of the French Garde Suisses Maison du
                  Roi 1672

 Getting stuck into the 17th century

                  North Star market a fantastic range of 28mm miniatures for the
                  French-Dutch War of 1672-1678. A colourful period in history
                  made famous by such novels as Alexandre Dumas': 'The Three
                  Musketeers' etc. I have painted a number of different periods
                  in my time but this one piqued my interest, the French-Dutch
                  War was a very bloody war fought by people dressed in somewhat
                  outlandish clothes seemed to be a contradiction. Interesting
                  events included; The death of the real D'Artagnan whilst
                  leading an assault on the walls of Maastricht. The Dutch
                  opening the dykes holding back the sea and flooding the Dutch
                  landscape to deny the French army a foothold and the somewhat
                  arbitrary contribution the English gave to the War by fighting
                  on both sides (firstly the French then the Dutch). 

Dutch Field Gun 1672. Note the sash is orange blue and white, the colours of the United Provinces.
                                                               Dutch field gun 1672

French Garde Suisse 1672 note the officers sash are white to indicate French  service.
Garde Suisse 'in the Field'

Garde Suisse pikemen still wear their old fashioned armour.

French field gun prepares to fire behind gabion gun embrasure 1672. Note gun crew are grey coated with blue cuffs and blue sash Fusiliers du Roi, the master gunner is a Commissaire ordinaire d'artillerie in blue coat with white sash.

I'm hoping to have time to add the Dutch Regiments and other French regiments in the near future.


  1. Fantastic love the Swiss guards!

    1. Cheers Chris, it's quite an interesting period, I'll try and translate a brief history of the war when I have the time, all the best Peter.


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