Sunday, 20 October 2013

WW2 in 28mm (1/56th scale) British Armoured Platoon 1944-1945

British Armoured Platoon  - (29th Armoured Brigade, 11th Armoured Division.)

I've been collecting 28mm figures for a World War 2 bash sometime in the future, starting with a British armoured platoon based on units of the 11th Armoured Division 1944 & 1945.

After selecting 'Rules of Engagement' (RoE) as my chosen ruleset I set about looking for miniatures which I'd like to paint settling on Artizan Designs WW2 range of 28mm figures representing the 8th Battalion Rifles the 'infantry' part of 29th Armoured Brigade

The Army list I have used is the new free to download 'British Motor Platoon 1944' available from:

8th Battalion Rifles - Motor Infantry Platoon  - indicating these Infantry can be equipped with M5 half-tracks.

The Platoon will consist of:
1 Infantry Platoon HQ section
the section is mounted in a M3A1 armoured car
3 Infantry sections (squads) (maximum of 2 PIAT and added as additional equipment)
each section is mounted in a M5 halftrack

Support Options:
1 Company support section sustained fire Heavy Machine Gun (2nd (Independent) Machine Gun Company of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers)
the section is mounted in a universal carrier

1 Company support section with 3 inch mortar
 the section is mounted in a universal carrier

1 Divisional support 1x tank (Sherman Vc for a 1944 game or Comet A34 for a 1945 game).

using RoE rules this gives me a Combat Effectiveness (CE) of 24

The Armoured infantry representing the 8th Battalion Rifles

This is the first section of ten men I've managed to complete this weekend, The section is split in two unequal halves of:
Rifle Group
1 corporal  armed with a sten gun
3 riflemen with SMLE rifles
1 rifleman with a PIAT (anti-tank weapon)
Gun Group
1 lance corporal armed with a sten gun
1 Bren gunner
1 loader with SMLE rifle
Bren gunner in the foreground, PIAT gunner in the background.
Each section of eight infantrymen will be mounted in a M5 half-track vehicle.

Each infantryman has a red strip on their arms with the Regimental name on it and the yellow badge with a black bull on it denoting that they belong to the 11th Armoured Division. The Corporal has a two striped chevron on his arms, the lance corporal just a single striped chevron.

I will crack on with the remaining 2 infantry sections and the Platoon HQ section next weekend.

Lance Corporal Smith performing a close recce through the woods
The PIAT (Projector Infantry Anti-Tank) was a somewhat limited tank killer.
I chosen Artizan Design 28mm miniatures WW2 range because they produce a good range of different poses also they're made out of tin alloy and they paint up nice too.

Most of the helmets are converted to have scrim netting and camouflage on them, this was achieved using 'green stuff' smoothed over the helmet then a netting effect marked onto it with a pin or the tip of a scalpel and finally small pieces of scrim (to simulate torn up strips of sandbags) rolled out into tiny lengths then curled up and placed on the helmet to complete the effect. I'll try and get some closeup photos next to demonstrate how easy and effective it is. 

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