Thursday, 7 November 2013

WW2 in 28mm (1/56th scale) British Armoured Platoon 1944-1945

Hi, just managed to finish the third and final section of British infantry for my European Theater of War 1944-45.
3rd section of British infantry
Most of these have scrim (burlap) on their helmets added after I bought them from, below is a short instruction on how to add scrim to plain metal helmets.

stage #1
ideally you want to add the scrim effect before you paint the figures but it really isn't essential, so here I've managed half paint the figures then realize I wanted scrim on the helmets.  

Acquire some 'green stuff' you can get it on ebay, roll the yellow and blue putty together until it becomes a green colour, this will remain pliable for hours. Place a small ball of 'green stuff' on the top of the helmet, then squish it down so it becomes a very thin layer over the helmet (i.e. you can see the helmet shape under it). then get a pin or scalpel blade etc. and prick tiny dints or dimples in the putty to simulate the texture of scrim netting.

Whilst the green stuff is still pliable flatten some out really thinly on a mat and cut into strips approximately 5mm long x 1mm wide, then using your scalpel place the strip onto the helmet and fold it over in a wiggly shape, you can easily place 5 or more strips on each helmet. No glue is needed as the putty scrim sticks perfectly together on the helmet.

Wait 24 hours for the 'green stuff' putty to harden.

Undercoat with matt black enamel paint. Let this dry fully. then paint dark green undercoat and then paint successive layers of olive greens on the netting and light tans to represent the strips of sacking used for the scrim or burlap. 
 Both squaddies have their helmets camouflaged up.

That's it really, a neat and very uncomplicated way to convert your minis to wear scrimmed up helmets. It does make quite a difference to the original model.

Next post will feature the Sherman mark.Vc 'Firefly' for a 1944 European Theater of War game.

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