Friday, 6 December 2013

Wars of the Roses 1455-1485

Hi, here is the command base painted last week for Lord Thomas Stanley Earl of Derby.

Sir Thomas Stanley 1st Earl of Derby (1435-1504)

One of Stanley's retainers, livery tawney & green, badge a eagles/falcons claw 'Or'. 

Stanley's personal standard a swallow-tailed banner is hand-painted on metal foil, so it can be reshaped to give the appearance of fluttering in the wind.

Thomas Stanley fought throughout the Wars of the Roses, shifting allegiances a number of times, a true survivor he eventually died of old age in 1504.

These miniatures are 28mm scale manufactured by Perrry miniatures and painted by me at

The base is 60mm in diameter textured with grass, grass tufts and red flowers to denote his Lancastrian loyalties.

Lord Clifford - with his personal standard.

Thomas Courtney Earl of Devon - with his personal swallow tailed standard.

Walter Devereux Lord Ferrers - with personal standard.

Earl of Essex - with personal standard.

miscellaneous stuff.

Monk & lady vignette.
light bombard.

The Master gunner signals the firing of a light bombard.

This page will be updated when I have some free time.


  1. Stunning brushwork! Truly impressive.

  2. Stunning brushwork! Truly impressive.

  3. Thank you very much Dean,
    All the Best Peter.


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