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Armies and Enemies of Louis the XIV and the The French-Dutch War of 1672-1678

The French Regiments: I've continued to build the French foot Regiments for my French-Dutch war, I think it'll consist of 5 Regiments including; Garde Suisse, Picardie, Normandie, Navarre and du Roi , these regiments were at the battle of Seneffe 1674. This I reckon is a reasonable start, then I'll follow with the siege artillery train for both French and Dutch armies together with a couple of vignettes.

Picardie Regiment 1674.

The Picardie Regimental flag is the red flag, the colonels is the white flag.
The flags are made using tin foil which is flexible and allows the flag to be curled even after the paint has fully dried. The tassels and scarves on the flag poles are from 'Front Rank'.

Picardie Regiment 1672.
Normandie Regiment 1672.
WIP French drummers.

WIP French drummers.
The Drum is of wooden construction so I've left it plain brown. The Drummer wears Royal livery of a  blue coat with white lace with red and blue squares. I'll add a detailed picture of the drummers lace later on.

The command stand sans drummer.

The pikeblock.

French pike block. A sash would be white indicating that it is serving in the French army. Armour seems to be in use in this war, a hat replaced the helmet by the later 17th century.

The figures are 28mm tall and are available unpainted from North Star.

I'm hoping to create a mini campaign based on the French-Dutch war 0f 1672-78 using the 'The Perfect Captains' Battle Finder system, Tinker Fox campaign system and a la Hunguenotte available for free from:

The a la Huguenotte addon has terrain cards specifically for the Low countries (Holland etc.)

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