Monday, 24 February 2014

28mm French Revolutionary Armies & Enemies

28mm French Revolutionary Armies & Enemies.

Continuing with the French Revolutionary project I had a chance to finish a single French 8 pounder gun and crew, these can be used for either the Army of the North or Napoleon Bonaparte's Italian and Egyptian campaigns. The crewmen are from Brigade Games whilst the 8 pounder gun is from available through Hind Figures Ltd. The 8 pounder was supplied with 2 different barrels so I could have made a 6/4 pounder if required.

Brigade Games provided the gun crew, they also supply a crew loading so I'll try and order one in the near future.

Also are a few pictures of Monsieur Bonaparte as Consul I managed to finish this week, the figure is manufactured by Trent miniatures and available unpainted from the 'North Star' website

Hopefully I can finish the rest of the French Revolutionary infantry battalion soon.


  1. Great work on the Corsican Ogre! Definitely going to get some of those Brigadegames minis!
    Mike B

  2. Cheers Mike, 'Brigade Games' French revolutionaries are well worth a try, especially the Egyptian campaign stuff.


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