Thursday, 26 March 2015

28mm Napoleonic French 7th Hussars Field Forge.

28mm Napoleonic French 7th Hussars Field Forge.

After being in limbo since November 2014....I did it.....I moved last....Now I can get back to painting again :)

After staying in about eight different properties including four farms over 3 months it'll be nice to settle for a while. Although being on the road was a good excuse to visit a lot of medieval battlefields from Shrewsbury, Stamford Bridge, Otterburn and Flodden to name a few, and to see a good few castles, Warkworth, Alnwick, Bamburgh, Helmsley, Middleham and also a few Roman sites Housesteads, Chesters etc. I'll try to put some of the photos I took on this blog sometime.

With a new start I ordered some Napoleonics from Perry miniatures, namely the French Field Forge, it comprises quite a number of parts but it glued together and painted up cleanly.

Depicting a farrier fitting a 7th Hussar horse with a new shoe, the perry miniatures field forge makes a nice little vignette for my battlefield.

 The kit comprises of a number of parts for the forge, a limber (not shown here), two Hussars and their horses, a farrier and apprentice.
 Based on an oval plastic base, terrain effects were created using pollyfilla, small rocks, bushes, 2mm grass tufts and 4mm grass tufts (produced by me and available from ebay)
 Burnt umber oils mixed with tan leather, yellow and white enamels were dry brushes subtly in varying shades and mixes to produce the dirt effects.
 The 7th Hussars were the only French Hussar regiment to actually be present at the battle of Waterloo, the other Hussar regiments were with Grouchy's force apparently.
 An anvil and two chests finish the equipment off, a shako, carbine and sword add extra detail to the set.

I really enjoyed constructing and painting this vignette, I'll purchase a British one next and add some more detail if possible.

A final coat of Testors matt varnish dullcote finished off the job

Any how next will be a French Napoleon wagon and crew.

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  1. you are correct about the 7th being the only French hussars regiment present at Waterloo. The 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th were with Grouchy at the time (and present at the Wavre battle).

    nice job with the forge!

    1. Cheers :) It's a pity Perry miniatures don't make metal Hussar troopers, I'd like to paint a couple of regiments of French Hussars but can't bring myself around to collect plastic figures! The dismounted Hussars with the forge set are the only metal ones they make.

  2. yep, I painted the Perry plastic hussars (the 4th, in their 1812 outfit). Very fine detail, but they feel so fragile (sabres, muskets...). And I spent ages filling in the horse gaps!


    I've been considering painting the forge since :)

  3. Excellent vignette! Really like all the little extra details.


    1. Cheers Christopher, it's nice when a figure manufacturer includes a lot of detail in their kits.
      All the Best, Peter.


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