Thursday, 23 July 2015

WW2 28mm 1/56th German Panzer Grenadier Platoon Supports.

German panzer Grenadier Platoon  - 

I've been collecting 28mm figures for a World War Two campaign sometime in the future, continuing with a German Grenadier platoon based on units of a Panzer Division 1944 & 1945.

The Army list I have used is the Rules of Engagement SS Panzer Grenadier Platoon

The Platoon will consist of:
1 Infantry Platoon HQ section
the section is mounted in a sdkfz251/D half-track
2 Infantry squads (maximum of 2 Panzerschreck anti tank weapons and  6 panzerfausts added as additional equipment)
each section is mounted in a sdkfz251/D half-track 1 point each vehicle

Combat Effectiveness (CE) of 19

Support Options:
1 Company support section sustained fire Heavy Machine Gun 1 point each

1 Company support section with 3 inch mortar 1 point each

1 Divisional support 1x tank (either a Panzer ausfM at 3 points or Panzer IVH at 5points or Panther G at 6 points or Tiger II at 8 points).

using RoE rules this gives me a Combat Effectiveness (CE) of 19 to 29 points depending on choices

RoE Divisional support: The Panzer IIIM or PanzerIVH could be used for a mid to late 1944 game for example Kampfgruppe Knaust at Arnhem (18th september 1944) was equipped with 6x Panzer IIIM and 2x Panzer IVH.

I've re-worked the panzers camouflage schemes and added decals. Vehicle manufactured by Diewaffenkammer, crewman by Bolt Action
 The overhauled Panzer IIIM
 The tankie clutches a pair of binocular whilst smoking a short cigar
 The Turret numbers indicate 4th Company 1st Platoon 3rd vehicle
 A gasoline drum rides on the back
 I might put a turret number on the back as some tanks seem to have.
 The camouflage effects were created with oil paint mixed with enamels and turpentine.
The overhauled Panzer IVH
 I may put the shurzen side skirt armour on

Vehicle and crewman manufactured by Diewaffenkammer

For a Campaign game I need some reconnaissance units to match the British so I managed to acquire a sdkfz234/1 8-Rad with a 20mm autocannon, The chassis is the same one used for a Puma sd.Kfz234/2 heavy armoured car, I'll acquire one of those in the near future probably from Diewaffenkammer.

The sdkfz234/1
A mesh over the open turret top is supposed to help protect against grenades
Vehicle manufactured by Diewaffenkammer.

The 8-Rad vehicles were all wheel drive with a separate rear drivers position for a quick get away.

Anyhow the infantry vehicles need to be acquired and maybe a dismounted reconnaissance crew for the armoured car.

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