Friday, 1 September 2017

Napoleonic Belgian Infantry & Carabiniers

At last the Belgians are finished and photographed, these minis will provide the Belgian element to add to the Dutch-Nassau contingent for my 'Waterloo Hundred Days' mini campaign. They represent the Belgian commitment against the re-emergence of Napoleon Bonaparte's Empirical ambitions and thwart his march on the city of Brussels.

28mm Napoleonic Belgian Infantry.
Apparently owing to political tensions the Belgians weren't too friendly towards the Dutch during the 1815 Waterloo-Hundred Days campaign.

Uniforms were blue jacket with white facings on every regiment, grey overalls, Belgic shako with white cords and plume except for the light infantry (skirmishing company) who had green and the grenadier company who wore red.

The flank companies also wore blue with white striped wings on their shoulders. These two Belgian battalions will form the bulk of the Belgian contingent.

28mm 2nd Belgian Carabiniers.

Present at Waterloo, I chose this particular regiment because I liked the steel helmet with brass fittings, thinking this was a lot more interesting than the other carabinier regiments (1st & 3rd) which apparently still wore the old bicorne.

This completes the heavy cavalry for the Dutch-Belgian-Nassau army.

Next I need to finish some more French Imperial Guard infantry, Dutch line infantry and Dutch artillery.

Any how I have just finished some Spartan vignettes last night so they'll be uploaded very soon.
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