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Wars of the Roses 1455-1485

Hi Just a brief post cos I'm a bit busy, but here is a command base painted this week on at the moment (ebay Item Id: 121139507485) Lord Henry Stafford.
Lord Henry Stafford (1425-1471)
Henry's personal standard a swallow-tailed banner is handpainted on metal foil.

Henry fought at the Battle of Towton on the Lancastrian side but survived and was later pardoned by Edward IV on 25 June 1461. He was with Edward IV on 12 March 1470 at the Battle of Losecoat Field where the rebel forces of Sir Robert, Lord Wells were defeated. Although choosing the winning side, Henry was so badly wounded at the battle of Barnet that he never recovered and died in his bed on 14 October 1471.

These miniatures are manufactured by Perry Miniatures and painted by me at the

The base is 60mm round mdf textured with grass tufts and white flowers to denote his Yorkist allegiance.

Available on SOLD 

Lord Berners.

Lord Berners.

Humphrey Stafford Duke of Buckingham


Earl of Devon.

Lord Fauconberg.


Lord Hastings

Lord Hastings.

Earl of Northumberland.

Northumberlands Herald.

Earl of Salisbury.

Earl of Salisbury.

Edmund Beaufort Duke of Somerset.

Somerset's herald.

Duke of Somerset.

The Tax collector.

Tax collector.

Earl of Warwick.

The Earl of Warwick the 'Kingmaker'.

Light bombard.

Light bombard.

Light Bombard.

The Duke of York.

Richard Duke of York.

I'll update this page as the project progresses.

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