Monday, 29 July 2013

28mm War of the Spanish Succession / Marlburian / WSS

The War of the Spanish Succession or Marlburian period (if you're an 'old school wargamer') has always fascinated me since I was a nipper. The 1704 campaign which led to the battle of Blenheim saw an allied army of British, Brandenburg, Danish, Dutch, Hanoverian, Hessian, Mecklenburg, Prussian and Wurtemburg troops march deep into Europe to defeat a combined army of French and Bavarians in a major victory of the war. A famous victory for Marlborough and Eugene of Savoy. Wargaming the period would be a major task for me hobbywise which will start with choosing which manufacturer would provide the bulk of suitable miniatures.

At the moment I'm not sure whether to collect 28mm miniatures manufactured by 'Ebor' or 'Front Rank', currently I ordered some samples from Front Rank and below are the results:
These Front Rank miniatures are detailed in such a way you can paint facial expressions with relative ease.
 British Grenadier circa 1704 priming grenade.
Foot Guard Sergeant c.1704 my camera doesn't pick up detail to well, this guy has 5 o'clock shadow on his chin.
Foot Guard officer 1704 this miniature is posed to look up at a mounted senior officer example below.

Lord Cutts at the battle of Blenheim 1704. A nice clean figure, Front Rank miniatures are a joy to paint I must admit, with a minimum of flash and reasonably priced.

Samples purchased from Ebor will follow next when I have some spare cash.


  1. Hi Peter,
    lovely figures and agree about Front Rank as quality manufacturer :) Look forward to seeing more figures painted for this period posted on your Blog

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Dr.Evil (aka Mick), I'm still undecided whether to get a WSS 'Front Rank' or 'Ebor' army !?!

  2. I went with Front Rank myself, though I hear you can mix them with Ebor in the army, just keep them in separate units. I have some Ebor samples on the way to compare them myself (in person).

  3. Hi Captain, I've painted both Front Rank and Ebor WSS myself but found the two ranges are very different in stature, personally I'd just pick one manufacturer, Front Rank are good for painting faces with character, Ebor are slighter.
    All the Best, Peter


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