Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Armies and Enemies of Louis the XIV and the The French-Dutch War of 1672-1678

The Dutch Regiments: I've started to build the Dutch foot Regiments for my French-Dutch war, I think it'll consist of initially 5 Regiments comprising; Garde te Voet, van Palm(sapherson regt.14), Aylva(sapherson regt.34)  van Hegedoorn(sapherson regt.28 ) and van Theil(sapherson regt.31). This I reckon is a reasonable start, then I follow with 2 squadrons of Dutch Horse comprising: sapherson Regiments of Horse 1 and 10
WIP Dutch van Palm (Salisch 1688) Regiment op Holland 1673 (sapherson regt.No.14), note the flag is bright red following information gained from Dutch sources.
The Drum has the Holland state coat of arms on it, a red lion rampant on a yellow shield. The Drummer wears a coat of reversed colours with white hoops on the arms.
Dutch pike block. The sash is orange indicating that it is serving in the army of the United Provinces.

Basing finished and a final spray of Testors dullcote matt varnish flattens the paint effects.I have to add the Colonels colour when I finish it and shorten the flag poles.

History. The regiment fought at the battle of Seneffe (in the Spanish Netherlands) in 1674 fought between the French under the command of Louis Bourbon Prince de Conde and the Dutch-German-Spanish army under William of Orange.

Note. Dutch regiments were named after their colonels so I use saphersons numerical guide to identify individual regiments to reduce confusion. e.g saphersons regt.14 colonel was - Mariniers van Palm in 1674 & Ernst Wilhem van Salisch in 1688.

Reference: Colour plates from the archives of the Collectie Legermuseum Delft.

The French Regiments collection will comprise of Regiments of Foot; Garde Suisse, Picardie, Navarre and du Roi, all these regiments fought at the battle of Seneffe 1674. I have already finished 2 squadrons of French Horse; The Cuirassier du Roi and La Reine.

I'm hoping to create a mini campaign based on the French-Dutch war 0f 1672-78 using the 'The Perfect Captains' Battle Finder system, Tinker Fox campaign system and a la Hunguenotte availble for free from:

The a la Huguenotte addon has terrain cards specifically for the Low countries (Holland etc.)

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