Saturday, 19 July 2014

28mm Ancient Thracian Commanders Base - The Peloponnesian Wars.

28mm Ancient Thracian Commanders Base:

At last I've started the Thracian Army for my Peloponnesian Wars campaign. All the command bases are 60mm frontage by 80mm deep to give me a chance to add a bit of character to the base.

Thracian general 'out on a jolly'.
Thrace was a bit of a wild country but the Thracians I'm trying to depict are those which were recruited to fight in the Peloponnesian War i.e. throughout mainland Greece.

 Visual guide to basing Thracian command vignette:

sandless pollyfilla smoothed onto the base.

Slate shards superglued on, the standing figure has been pinned to the slate. A hole was drilled through the slate.

sawdust and 2 grades of small rocks are PVA glued on.

Slate is very easy to work with and very easy to drill.

I thought about having the warrior in the green cloak stand on top of the rock, but half way up seems to have a more subtle effect.

sawdust added to the top of the rock. This will be painted a grass colour.

figures manufactured by Wargames Foundry

and painted by me at

Not sure about the Thracian Army standard colour, I might repaint it red, black & white. 

Glue dried ready for the next stage: Painting the base.

I forgot to take pictures of the painting stages :) but the dirt is burnt umber oils mixed with tan enamel, then progressive lighter shades of the same colours mixed with yellow then white to give a gradual tonal effect. The grass was washed in green mixed with tan, then highlighted with the same green + tan mixed with yellow.

Finally testors dullcote matt varnish was sprayed over the whole vignette.

The slate was repainted in part in enamels where necessary

Oh and of course I've added grass tufts and a few flowering weeds which I produce, available through

Anyhow, Cheers for now, Peter.


  1. Fantastic vignette! I think the colors in the standard are perfect for such a wild and wooly bunch.

    1. Cheers Monty, they do look a bit like a rugby team on acid :)

  2. Very nice. Nice work on the Thracian clothing. They look like always imagined Thracian's should look, savage and frightening.

    1. Thanks Mark, they frightened the hell out of me when I was painting them :)

  3. This is simply excellent work; those Foundry sculpts are really full of character. These chaps look ready to take on anything!

    1. Cheers Evan, the Foundry are still one of my favourite manufacturers of 'Ancients', it's a shame I don't know who sculpted them though.

  4. That's an excellent and inspired work, really stunning!

  5. Thank you Phil, I'll try to finish some more Thracians soon, Best Regards Peter.

  6. Replies
    1. Cheers Mick, it took me ages to paint the little fiddle bits you can't see on the pictures :)


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