Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Hundred Years War - French Commanders

The Dauphin Charles

Another 28mm French Medieval commander from the Hundred years War: The Dauphin Charles 1356, this character was to be the future king of France Charles V.

This mini is currently available on ebay, either search for Ebay seller: peterw3169 or item ID: 121385222759

Manufactured by 'Front Rank Miniatures' painted by me (at in oils. enamels and acrylics, a matt varnish was sprayed on with 'testors dullcote'.

Usually I use any source available this time it was osprey's 'French Armies of the Hundred Years War' Men At Arms series No:337

The base is plasticard 25mm x 50mm ground texture 'sandless polyfilla', different grades of stones were used The ground textures once dry were flooded in washes of browns (burnt umber oil paint mixed with tan leather enamel), then highlight with grades of tone of tan, tan+yellow, tan+yellow+white.

The Grass tufts were made by me (available on ebay, just search for ebay sellers ID: peterw3169 or lord_jaggard ). The flowers again just grass tufts with PVA glue brush onto them and dipped in red sand. The shrub is a cut down tree glued in place with bostik.

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