Saturday, 2 August 2014

Armies and Enemies of Louis the XIV and the Grand Alliance.

It's slack time at the Pickle Factory today :) so I thought I'd finish a Late 17th Century General Officer I started a week ago. Painted in Enamels, Oils and Acyrlics and varnished in Testors Dullcote varnish, it represents any General officer from the late 17th from the French Dutch Wars 1672-78 all the way to the Grand Alliance. So this could be French, German States etc.

I have this 28mm  miniature for sale on ebay at the moment. All funds raised will go to buying more figures, The Chasseur a cheval on the previous post was sold on ebay last week and the funds raised went to buying some 'Black Tree Designs' goblins, Coolio.

based on plasticard 25mm x 50mm with terrain effects, grass etc.

matt varnished with testors dullcote.
Manufactured by the world famous 'Front Rank miniatures' and painted by me at

ebay id: peterw3169 
item id: 121400367623

Anyhow, all the Best, Peter

p.s. I am available for commission work.


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    1. Cheers Phil :) I've got some more late 17th century stuff to post this weekend, All the Best Peter.


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