Saturday, 9 August 2014

Armies and Enemies of Louis the XIV - The Generals.

TheFrench-Dutch War 1672-1678.


This week I have been mostly eating carrots....(Jesse's diets c/o The Fast Show)

AND I managed to finish The Command bases for my French-Dutch War campaign. After purchasing eight mounted Officers and staff from the fantastic 'Front Rank miniatures' I put together one Dutch command vignette comprising a surprisingly portly William of Orange (the bloke who in my opinion saved England from yet another bloody civil war due his participation in the Glorious Revolution and in ousting king James II from power).

I think Front Rank's version of Prince William possibly suffers from a dose of gout
Prince William of Orange 1674 and ADC
AND I finished a command base of the French Marshal Turenne, his command vignette depicts him just prior to losing an argument with a cannon ball at the battle of Salzbach 1675.
Turenne 1675 (the moustaches were added by sculpting 'green stuff'.)
Turenne and ADC

I found a picture of Turenne at the battle of Turckheim 1675 riding a piebald horse, I thought it would make a change from the usual white charger most generals seem to be depicted riding.

Turenne seems to be grey haired by this time, so I thought his wig would be the same colour?!?

AND finished a command base of the French Grand Conde the general who saved Paris from the Allied advance at the battle of Seneffe in this bloke actually died of

The Prince Conde 1674 (again green stuff was used for the moustache.)
both Conde and Turenne were present at the invasion of the United Provinces in 1672.

Conde and Aide de Camp

The ADC is a converted standard bearer, I just chopped the right arm off and re-sculpted it with 'green stuff' in a relaxed position.

The Generals vignettes were based on 75mm diameter round bases in accordance to 'Beneath the Lily Banners second edtion' rulset which I haven't play tested yet....or even read yet....I just looked the the pretty really there are a lot of very nice pictures in it.

AND finished a Dutch Brigadier.

The small bush and grass tufts were made by me.
I need another two Dutch brigadiers

Again using the League of Augsburgs 'Beneath the Lily Banners 2nd ed.' it has a 50mm diameter base

AND finished a French Brigadier.
I need another two French brigadiers.
The rock is made from cork bark.
The bush was made by me, a box of 120 of these is available through this Blog.

I'm looking forward to using the Lily Banners ruleset kindly sold to me by a good customer of mine....I think that's what happened anyway....cheers Gareth (a.k.a. Raglan).

With the Generals done the French Dutch War campaign is now very close to starting.

Anyhow Cheerio for now,



  1. Replies
    1. Cheers William, they were surprisingly satisfying to convert and paint these 'Front Rank' figures.

  2. Delightful work as always Peter. If I wasn't so topped out with my ever growing Wars of The Roses Armies [ a mere 170 units at last count ] you have done such a great job for me on, I'd be sorely tempted :)

    1. Thanks Mick, it was a pleasure painting your WotR figures for you, I'll be painting some medieval wagons next if you're interested, Cheers Peter.


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