Monday, 12 January 2015

28mm Napoleonic French Artillery late Napoleonic

I'm still in the process of moving into Northern England county Durham so my painting and collecting has had a major break, this will give me some time to catch up on my blog posts since November last year.

The French Artillery - Napoleon's Imperial Guard Horse Artillery.
The French Army will be reinforced with Napoleons Guard Horse Artillery, Line Horse artillery and Line Foot artillery.

Each artillery battery will be made up of 3 guns with 4 crewmen per gun. The guns comprising 2x 6 pounder long guns and 1x short barrelled howitzer.

The French organization and uniforms will represent 1812-1815 period that gives me a greater scope for battles

Guard Horse artillery laying a howitzer
tiny blue grenade devices were painted onto the uniform coat tails after I took the photos.
Each crewman was painted on a strip before super glueing to the plasticard gun base.

crew in act of firing a piece

The French Artillery - Napoleon's Line Horse Artillery.

French Line horse artillery aiming a 6 pounder gun.
Just like the Guard artillery this battery will compose 2x 6pounder long guns and 1x howitzer with 4 crewmen per gun. Basing 80mm depth x 60mm across with various grass, bush, rock and dirt effects.

The French Artillery - Napoleon's Line Foot Artillery.
French line foot artillery crew in act of loading a 6 pounder long gun.
The 'gun captain' has his thumb over the vent to ensure stray sparks don't set the gun off prematurely. 

French line foot artillery crew in act of firing a 6 pounder.

The cockades on the shakos are from outer red, middle: white and blue from inner colours.

I'm not sure whether to acquire the horse teams as well, maybe for the horse artillery but it'll be somewhat costly. Horse artillery would have 6 draught horses and foot artillery 4 draught horses per gun. The horse train drivers wore light blue with darker blue facings.

Next post will be the British artillery.

Cheers for Now.
And HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2015.


  1. remarkable work...and awesome! ;o)

    1. Thank you very much Phil, I'm hoping to get stuck into ancients again soon, all the best Peter.

  2. Very nice work Peter. Great paint jobs on excellent figures and very professionally based and "constructed'.

  3. Thank you very much Carlo, I must admit that good reference and nice cleanly designed figures (in this case Perry miniatures) makes the job at lot easier.
    Best Regards, Peter.


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