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WW2 28mm 1/56th German Panzer Grenadier Platoon Supports.

German Panzer Grenadier Platoon  - 

Almost there
Continuing with the German Grenadier platoon based on units of a Panzer Division 1944 & 1945.

The King Tiger.
I've finally done it, after much hesitation, I've given into purchasing arguably the biggest German active 'Armoured Beastie' of World War Two; The Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II Ausf.B "Konigstiger sdkfz.182. or Tiger II. Having picked the tigers camouflage scheme of dunkelgelb (a dark yellow colour), red-brown and green and added decals and splashing the paint around a bit, below is the finished result. Vehicle manufactured by Warlord Games, crewman to be added later.
The Armour
All my German armour is based on units that fought against the British airborne Division at Arnhem, during the battle two Royal artillerymen from the airborne division knocked out a King Tiger from Pz.Abteilung 506 with a 75mm pack howitzer at Oosterbeek, they also used a 6 pounder anti-tank gun apparently to no effect and some PIATS...although they destroyed one of the Tigers tanks tracks which set fire to the tank, there are photos on the web which show possibly the rear left lower side of the turret cracked open? I think these two guys were from the 1st airlanding anti-tank battery Royal Artillery.

At 68 tonnes and armed with the deadly 88mm gun, this was an allied 'tankies nightmare..'
....saying that one of these monters was 'popped-off by two tenacious Brtish artillerymen firing a pack howitzer at Oosterbeek during the battle of Arnhem 1944.
The turret numbers indicate a tank of the 2nd Company, 1st Platoon, 4th vehicle Abteilung 506. 

Observation post and command vehicles.
For a Campaign game I need some command and observation post units to match the British, so I acquired a kubelwagen and a schwimmwagen together with panzer grenadier observationpost/command element.

The Kubelwagen
Used very much in many role during world war two, the engine was in the rear similar to a Volkswagen beetle.
Warlord Games kubelwagen comprises a resin and metal kit
the cork from a bottle of Port comes in does the Port
a 75mm mdf base with granite sets and rocks, grass tufts made by me, see my tuft blog post :)
I can't have enough grass tufts....and Port
decals form Warlord Games
Humbrol enamels mixed with artists oil paint on both the base and the vehicle
a tenacious driver painfully aware of the kubelwagens atrocious suspension
especially on a cobbled road
 The kubelwagen wasn't really powerful enough to be used as a tow.
 But cheap and easy to produce.
 It saw many theatres of war.
 This is a Warlord  Games model which has the option of a raised canopy. 

 The Schwimmwagen
The schwimmwagen an amphibious version of the kubelwagen

 the schwimmwagen has oars equipped to aid steering when navigating a river.
 and a propeller which drops down for propulsion when in the water.

And a machine gun to zap people with
The Observation post.

available from Warlord Games

not sure about how I painted the binoculars, I might change them.

radio operative is included in the observation post pack
 All these vehicles and figures manufactured by Warlordgames UK.

Anyhow the German infantry vehicles comprising three sdkfz.251/D have eventually been acquired from JTFM in Canada (my previous order having gone AWOL in the post), then I'll start on my U.S. 3rd Armored Division with an M18 Hellcat tank destroyer from Warlord Games and a M26 Pershing from JTFM Diewaffenkammer for a 1945 game.

Until next time.
See yous.

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