Friday, 18 December 2015

German & American WW2 Armour & supports.

I've been a bit busy of these last few weeks, accelerating my collection of hardware for the upcoming World War Two campaign, so this post will be a mixed bag, starting with a smart little German 'Puma' eight wheeled armoured car, the sdkfz234/2 variant with 50mm L/60 KwK gun.

The Puma sdkfz234/2 
This particular model is a JTFM 'Diewaffenkamer' resin model with a 'Bolt Action' commander speaking into his headset.
Oils and enamel were used on the vehicle with with the addition of acrylics on the tank commanders face.
This reconnaissance armoured car had a rear driving position for a hasty retreat.
Nippy but expendable.

The aerial is a 3amp fuse wire which I'll replace with some 10amp fuse wire to make it more satisfactory.

Decals from Warlord Games
This vehicle will form the other half of my reconnaissance platoon for the German Battle Group.

The Wespe
The Wespe 105mm self-propelled gun provides indirect supporting fire for the German Battle Group.

A Warlord Games resin kit with metal parts

The Camouflage and washes are thinned oil paint mixed with enamels.

The Sdkfz251/D Halftracks.
JTFM enterprises in Canada provided the sdkfz251/D half tracks for the panzer grenadiers, the nice thing about JTFM Diewafemkammer range of vehicles is that they come with 4 panzer grenadier crew and plenty of stowage, spare helmets, MG42 machine guns, rucksacks etc. so no real need for sourcing extra bits of kit.

This JTFM model has the tracks cast as part of the main body just to make constructing the kit that much easier and faster.

Sherman M4A3 75mm Tank
And finally this week, forces representing the U.S.A in the form of a 'bolt Action' Sherman M4A3 75mm tank with crew provided by Warlord Games.

 The raw beastie, resin and metal kit from Warlord Games comes with one tank commander.

M18 Hellcat 'Tank Destroyer'
And an M18 Hellcat Tank buster with a 76mm gun. storming passed a knocked out panzer III.
The panzer III brews up as its ammo catches fire and burns off.

A very nippy little vehicle the M18 Hellcat can reach speeds of up to 60mph, capable of outflanking and out running the much heavier German armour.

Anyhow, got to order a few more items and then draw up a map of the combat zone....then let loose the Dogs of War.

until then,

Oops and MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.


  1. They all look great! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


    1. CHEERS Christopher :) All the Best for 2016.


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