Saturday, 23 April 2016

28mm Napoleonic Chasseur a Pied, General Foy & Bavarian Chevaux-legers.

Time constraints and PC woes got in the way of my blogging again but here are a few projects I have completed over the last few weeks:
28mm Napoleonic Chasseurs a Pied French Imperial Guard:
18 figures make up this 1st battalion of the 1st Regiment Chasseur a pied of Napoleon Bonaparte's Imperial Guard.
Chasseurs a pied
Perry miniatures provide a nice variety of poses

flag by GMB shaped after pasting with pva glue
The Commanding Officer 1st battalion of the 1st Regiment.
Sapper armed with two pistols and an axe.
The French Imperial Guard Chasseurs a pied is probably my favourite french infantry regiment, though I'm not sure why?

General Foy's command base; A simple 60mm diameter mdf 2mm thick base with a Perry miniatures General Foy and two infantry officers having a heated discussion.

 Bavarian Chevau-Legeres:
The first faltering steps of my Bavarian contingent will be provided by the 3rd Regiment Kronprinz, I have to order the command stand and remaing troopers soon.

These troopers have a really nice shabraque design of light blue diamonds on white strip. By 1814 I think all the Dragoons were converted to these Chevau legere uniforms.

Anyhow tomorrow I'll put up my Greek Trireme for the Peloponnesian war campaign I'm fighting at the moment. It is a 1/300th Langton model so there is  a significant amount of construction involved.

Any hoo, all the Best


  1. Fantastic brush work! love the faces/skin tone shading - marvelous!

  2. Cheers Phil, I've been painting Napoleonics for years now and keep finding it as fresh as the day I started, thanks to the huge variety and high quality of published reference available these days, All the Best Peter.

  3. They look great Peter! I'll soon be painting up my very first Napoleonic figures.


    1. Cheers Chris, Good luck with your 'Napoleonics', there's masses of info on uniforms on the internet. Peter.


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