Wednesday, 22 June 2016

more 28mm Napoleonic Cavalry squadrons: 12th Light Dragoons, Red Lancers and 2nd Hussars.

more 28mm Napoleonic Cavalry squadrons: Continuing with my attempt to boost my Napoleonic armies regularly I have been mostly painting:

the British 12th Regiment of Light dragoons 1st Squadron 1815,  Waterloo/Hundred Days Campaign.
These are 28mm Perry miniatures metal alloy which paint up a treat..

the wooden blue painted water bottles have relevant regimental insignia on them: XII LD

and French Imperial Guard Regiment of Lancers 2nd Squadron 1815,  Waterloo Hundred Days Campaign.

By 1815 the Imperial Guard Lancers comprised 5 squadrons of with the 1st squadron was Polish in their blue uniforms with crimson facings the remaining squadrons being the 2nd through to the 5th squadrons were Dutch 'Red Lancers' as below.
Imperial Guard Lancers in campaign dress.

The lance pennants are made from aluminium foil which can be folded after painting to give it a 'flying pennant' effect.

also to fund my Napoleonic projects I have just sold a squadron of French 2nd Hussars on eBay over the weekend.

28mm Plastic Perry miniatures from their boxed set of Hussars.

and a bunch of other stuff:

a French aide de camp (ADC)

French Infantry officer which could be used a s a colonel or ADC. I converted the head to give it a 'shouty' look.

An Imperial Guard Horse Grenadier.

A Prussian Hussar of the 2nd Brandenburg Regiment 1815.

 Royal North British Dragoons later known as 'Scots Greys'.

Any how a Bavarian contingent of line infantry are next on the painting bench together with some Bavarian artillery.
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