Thursday, 30 June 2016

28mm Bavarian Infantry & artillery

28mm Bavarian Infantry
4th Regiment of Line, circa 1812-15.
Continuing the restock of my 28mm Napoleonic armies I have ventured into darkest Bavaria to recruit some infantry for a Bavarian contingent.Comprising three battalions of line infantry, one battalion of light infantry,  artillery comprising three 6 pounder guns and 1 howitzer, two squadrons of cavalry and one command base. So far I managed to acquire the line infantry and artillery, over last weekend just two guns and one battalion were completed, varnished and based.
28mm Bavarian line & command courtesy of Perry miniatures.

I decided 16 figure battalions were going to be the standard number for my Napoleonic infantry. This would be kinder on my pocket and each battalion would be fairly quick to paint and base. 
4th Bavarian line infantry Regiment.
 Flags are provided by GMB designs.
Regarding base sizes, each figure has a frontage of 15mm and depth of 20mm, thus there are 3x bases four figures to a base, 1x base of 2 grenadiers and 2 individual bases for the skirmishers/light company.
 28mm Bavarian artillery 6 pounder gun, howitzer and crew.

a gunner stuffs his arm down the short barrel of a 7 inch howitzer to place an explosive shell.
6 pounder long gun ready to fire.
Artillery bases are 60mm frontage and 80mm depth, I don't base the gunners separately, instead I use casualty counters/markers, it helps the overall look and integrity of the base and creates a mini vignette.

That reminds me I need to acquire appropriate battle vignettes to add a little flavour to my battle fields; army baggage, supply wagons, camp sutlers, tents, bivouacs, local civilians etc.

Anyhow the remaining Bavarian line infantry and the 1st regiment Nassau-Usingen infantry are next on the painting board.


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