Tuesday, 30 August 2016

28mm Ancients - Julius Caesars command stand

 A stab of nostalgia gave me some energy to finish off Julius Caesars command stand this month, this vignette was on the back burner for a few weeks until I finally got the chance to finish it. An mdf disc approximately 85mm in diameter forms the base with a stack of real slate glued together and painted grey to create uniformity, with the gaps filled in with silver grey milliput.

 Most of the figures are 'Copplestone' minis bought through 'Wargames Foundry' a long time ago, the Caesar figure was bought through 'Companion miniatures', though I missed out on the Pompey figure due to lack of funds. I do have the mounted varient but I'm still looking for a suitable horse as a mount.
 Shields are 'Aventine miniatures' oval scuta.
 Caesar's German personal bodyguard is present, a conversion of a 'Foundry' torso, 'Black Tree Designs' head and right arm and legs with copiously modeled green stuff to fill in the gaps.
 As always I have added the tufts made by me of which I frequently seem to be running out of.

 I chose to have the aquilifer carrying the eagle standard wearing a brown bear skin cape.
12 Cretan archers add some firepower to the Caesarean Army I started a long time ago
A group of Cretan archers were known to accompany Caesar fighting the Gauls and the Germans, as well as Numidian archers and Gallic archers and Balearic slingers.

I think I have to paint another 1 or 2 cohorts all 'Copplestone' minis with 'Aventine' shields.

As always I try to get the feel of the period I'm portraying by listening to audio books: In this case Caesar's own account and commentaries on the Gallic and the German war on you tube at 

 Not having listened to these accounts for awhile I was surprised at the clarity of the accounts and of course all the under handed back stabbing that went on during the wars.

Anyhow back to Napoleonics next month.
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  1. Outstanding, you should be real proud of the work you have done.

  2. Great looking command stand and will be quite prominent on the gaming table!


    1. Cheers Christopher, it was for a Caesar vs. Pompey late republican Roman civil war but I missed out on the Pompey miniature, I may have to scratch build it. All the Best, Peter.


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