Wednesday, 3 August 2016

28mm Napoleonic 6th Bavarian, 1st Nassau-Usingen & French 7th Hussars

It has been a very busy few weeks, but I've managed to finish a second Bavarian infantry battalion and a Nassau battalion for an upcoming Napoleonic campaign, so here are a few pics
28mm Bavarian Infantry
6th Regiment of Line, circa 1812-15.

28mm 1st Nassau-Usingen Infantry Regiment.
 The 1st Regiment Nassau can be used for late Napoleonic campaigns as part of the French contingent or Allied contingent in the Hundred Days/Waterloo 1815 campaign.

Showing off their green uniforms with yellow piping the Nassau-Usingen regiments have to be the best dressed German regiments in the Napoleonic wars especially when compared with their dour Prussian cousins. It adds a nice colourful touch to any army.

French 7th Hussars
To fund my projects I managed to sell these French Hussars on eBay to some very kind customers :)

The 7th Hussars were the only French Hussar regiment actually present at the battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815. The miniatures are Perry plastic with a 'GMB designs' flag. I cut the fringed edge of the flag painting it in a variety of colours and highlighted with gold to give a nice 3D effect.

Any how just waiting for 'GMB designs' to send me some flags to complete a third Bavarian infantry regiment, next blog I hope to finish a French staff command vignette I've been constructing over the last few days...
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  1. Very inspirational , keep the good work up.

  2. Cheers Joe, I have some ancient stuff I'm trying to complete this month as well the Napoleonic stuff.

    1. Would the ancients by chance be Greeks?

    2. Hi Joe, not Greeks this time but Julius Caesar standing with a German bodyguard, a Legionary Eaglebearer/aquilifer and fronted by half a dozen Roman soldiers on a 80mm round base.

  3. Brilliant brushing Peter! love your Bavarian's - marvelous!



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