Friday, 16 September 2016

28mm Napoleonic French Command vignette

At last my Napoleonic French Staff command vignette is finished, comprising a mix of staff officers, generals, adcs etc. all Perry miniatures figures.

Mounted on a 100m mdf base I wanted a busy scene to impart a bit of atmosphere to my battlefields, hopefully I can acquire an ambulance set, a supply wagon set and a pontoon set in the near future.

 The two tables with scrolls, maps, ink pot and chairs come with one of the figures set.

 The cobbles are 'Wills granite sets' scenic pack bought from a model shop in Redcar.
 I was hoping to make it look like a farm courtyard.

Two adcs are from the 7th Regiment of Hussars, one from a Chasseur regiment, one a dedicated staff adc. Two staff officers writing and handing out orders, with two cavalry generals chatting one an Imperial Guard Dragoon the other a Carabinier, and two marshals discussing tactics over a battle map.

Any how I have a Bavarian Generals command base to complete with Bavarian light infantry battalion next.

All the Best,


  1. Gorgeous brushing and awesome Vignette/diorama display Pete!


  2. Thank you very much Phil. I'm actually not sure whether this grouping would classed as a vignette or a diorama.

  3. By adding a tree or two to the base stand may be considered as a "Diorama" :o)

    um.....without stepping on your toes, my first reaction viewing your French Command vignette work was "too many figures on one base"? thinking out loud....perhaps with the number of figures you have here, make 3 bases instead of one large command base?

  4. A tree...nice idea. I do like masses of command to give the impression of busy confusion.
    I'll do my Bavarian command 3 figures to a base though.
    All the Best, Pete.


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