Saturday, 5 November 2016

28mm Napoleonic French Adjoints and Aides de Camp

 It has been a very busy few weeks here, so I've only just managed to add a little to this blog with the completion of some 'battlefield runners' for my French Napoleonic army, namely a small handful of Adjoints and Aides-de-Camp. These adcs will be required to courier orders from the Army Staff Headquarters to specific regiments, brigades, divisions and corps to allow them to defend, assault, withdraw, change  formation etc. in the face of an enemy action.

 an Adjutant commander points out the way for an Imperial Guard Adjoint.

A dedicated ADC on foot carries a leather document case.

As the Imperial Guard ADC salutes an Adjoint.

Another adjoint squints through his telescope.

A dedicated ADC, his ribbon armband denotes service to Army Corps staff headquarters.

sky blue facings on the collar and cuffs are unique to French ADCs.

In conclusion, with the addition of another adc this should complete the necessary staff units for my French Napoleonic army.
Anyhow, All the Best,


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