Tuesday, 2 July 2019

28mm Kielmannsegge Jaegers Waterloo 1815

28mm Kielmannsegge Jaegers Waterloo 1815

I had my eye on these minis for a long time now, I think they maybe sculpted by Paul Hicks, but they were available on the Empress minis website then they dissappeared, eventually I tracked them down to the 'Black Hussar Miniatures' website together with some excellent French Napoleonic engineers and caisson, which I'll pop on the blog when they are finished.

A Hanoverian unit attached to the British Army for the Hundred Days campaign, the detachment of 2 companies was commanded by Captain von Reden comprising 331 officers and men all equipped with muzzle loading rifles, they helped in the defence of Hougoumont during the battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815.

I've seen 'Black Hussar miniatures' offer a 1lb amusette with two crew which I will definetly pick up next time.

Anyhow I've almost finished my World War Two German Late War Wehrmacht Panzer Grenadiers started during the month of May to replace the lot I sold on Ebay a few months ago, pictures to follow.

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  1. Beautiful and worthwhile addition to your army. Really nicely photographed and framed also.


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